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Project Id Project Name Location Project Highlights
1 “Konkan Nisarg Farm House” – Developed ½ Acre and 1 Acre, Mango & Coconut Plantation Farm House Project. In Mahad Taluka, Multi Locations, Within 15 km radious of Mahad City, Dst. Raigad, Maharashtra, India.
  1. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Raigad Fort is close by
  2. Jijau Mata Samadhi Pachad nearby,
  3. Mumbai Goa Highway near by
  4. Tanaji Malusare Birth place Poladpur nearby,
  5. One can go to Mahabaleshwar & Pratapgad from Poladpur
  6. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Guru Swami Ramdas – Ramdas Pathar , Shivthar Ghal is close by
  1. Our project is close to Pune & Mumbai, India’s Financial Capital, Future Shanghai City
  2. Mahad City & Taluka , 5 Star MIDC , Escalating land rate, fastest expanding infrastructure development, employment opportunities.
  3. Close proximity of major spots, Dapoli Harne , Murud, Anjarle beach,Alibaug, Lavasa, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala Hills Station
  1. a) Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Raigad Fort is close by
  2. Good Rain Fall
  3. Close To Pune & Mumbai City
  4. Konan attractions – fish, mango, cashnuts, coconuts, spices plantations
  5. Sweet people in Konkan.
  6. Very reasonable land cost

About Konkan Nisarg Farm Houses :

Greetings from MY Estates India (India’s Fast Growing Land Banking Company)

We are pleased to introduce our first phase multi locations developed Farm house project “Konkan Nisarg Farm Houses” Agricultural Plot / Land scheme in Mahad Taluka, some locations are close to 5 star MIDC Mahad, Close to Mumbai – Goa Highway, Near Ramdas Pathar, Shivthar Ghal, some locations on Mahad – Dapoli Road, In Taluka Mahad Dist. Raigad.

Multi Locations In Mahad Taluka, Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra, 100-125 km from Pune City, 160-180 km from Mumbai.

Developed ½ Acre & 1 Acre Mango & Coconut Tree, Farm House Scheme.


Common Project Amenities
  • Fencing For Entire Project,
  • Motorable Road,
  • All units are clearly demarcated
  • 24 Hrs Security Until Handover
  • Mango and Coconut Tree Plantation
  • Administration Charges
    Rs. 25000/- charges for ½ Acre Plot.
    Rs. 50,000/- for 1 Acre Plot.
  • Customized / Requirement Based Amenities
  • Offer Validity Up to May 2015.
  • There after Rs. 50,000 plus shall be added per plot per month.
Individual Amenities & Plot Specifications
  • Farm House Plots 20000 & 40000 Square Feet, ½ & 1 Acre Size
  • Individual Fencing, Electricity, Water connection For Plot- (Chargeable)
  • Individual Entrance Gate for Plot (Chargeable)
  • Individual 7/12 Extract, Assistance to record your name as owner in revenue Department..


Become Jamindar / Landlord with our lowest rate outright purchase plan
  • A special drive for Land Less People, Please take a advantage of this scheme. Just buy a half (1/2) or one (1) acre developed mango and coconut tree farm house plot and leave it for 5 years, it will give you more than 15 lacks for ½ acre and 30 plus lacks for one acre, as per present growth of land banking business. Your farm house cost shall be recovered in ONLY 1 YEAR PRODUCTION OF MANGOS AND COCONUT.
  • Consider If you are 25 year old and married, after 5 years – you may have 2 children’s, you may use this investment return for your child, for education, may be for your own house purchase and for many useful needs. You will appreciate that you cannot multiply your 6lacs land investment into 30 lacs in 5 years. Investment in land is the only way to multiply in many fold please note dear friends.
  • FARM HOUSE COSTING DETAILS : ( First Phase of MY Estates India )
  • Outright Purchase Plan
1TypeFarm House Regular,
Size / Area ½ Acre, In Square Feet 20000
Basic Cost Rs. 3,00,000 ( rupees three lacs only )
2TypeFarm House Regular,
Size / Area 1 Acre, In Square Feet 40000,
Basic Cost Rs. 6,00,000 ( rupees six lacs only )
  • Installment Purchase Plan ( 24 Months EMI )
1TypeFarm House Regular,
Size / Area ½ Acre, In Square Feet 20000
Basic Cost Rs. 3,50,000 ( rupees three lacs fifty thousand only )
2TypeFarm House Regular,
Size / Area 1 Acre, In Square Feet 40000,
Basic Cost Rs. 7,00,000 ( rupees seven lacs only )
* Stamp Duty / Registration / VAT / Service Tax Charges will be extra


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Route No. 1

Pune – Bhor – Varandh Ghat – Take a right turn to Shivthargal – Our one site is At Ramdas Patha. Total 100 KM From Pune. Another location are 120 km, on Mahad – Dapoli Road Touch.

Route No. 2

Panvel – Pen – Kolad - Mangaon - Mahad – Cross Mahad City – Take a next left turn from Bhirwadi MIDC Phata – Left Turn Towards Ramdas Pathar From NH 17 Mumbai Goa Highway Total 160 km from Mumbai. Another locations on Mahad Dapoli Road, Near Revtale / Vinere Villages.


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