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Our Land Banking Product Brands are :

  1. “My Dream Land”,
  2. “My Dream Investment”,
  3. “My Dream Estates”

Land is an important aspect in everybody’s life. One need land for many purposes.

Say for building a house, for running a business, for parking a vehicle, for parking private jet, for storing goods, for good end of life cemetery , for doing farming / agricultural usage and many more.

In India persons who hold lands are called “Jamindar”. The strength of family is measured by how much land they are holding. Investment in land is the biggest decisions in life to be a wealthy & health person. We have experienced the Passive Income Source and now the said secret is disclosed to our valued customers by way of land investment.

Keeping in mind, MY ESTATES has opened a Land Banking Services Division. It is involved in identifying & acquiring various types of lands from different locations and, make different types of plotting plans suitable for individual families and commercial world. With MY ESTATES land banking division, you will find all types of lands and plotting models. Our efforts are to make land services under one roof.

We purchase own lands & make different types of plotting model & sell to general public and commercial world. We also sells plots by joint venture projects through development rights.

Associates with us and Become Jamindar / Land Lord – Our Dream Is To Make Every Citizen of Country Have a Piece of Land In His Name.